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::Every Hiker's Paradise
In the summer months when the white slopes become lush green Alpine pastures, an extensive walkers’ paradise opens up in the Mayrhofen Hippach Holiday Region.

::Cycle Tours
Whether it's downhill or a cycle tour in the valley along the River Ziller; all guests will find their own individual route. Find out for yourself!

The area around Mayrhofen offers very good conditions for climbers and is already well-known internationally for this! The National Park stretches from an altitude of approx. 1000m up to 3510m, through all altitude levels of the inner Alps.

The adventure sport combining nature, physical activity and team work. The only prerequisite for this type of sport is being able to swim; all the other "secrets of rafting" will be revealed before the aqua fun starts!

On the edge of Mayrhofen and away from the usual footpaths, follow the course of a gorge or gully. Make progress by climbing, swimming or abseiling. Past thundering waterfalls, over full-blown cliffs and through crystal-clear water!

::Horseback riding
Carriage, pony and horse rides,...! Perhaps you are interested in a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage or a guided ride in the immediate area around Mayrhofen and Hippach!

::Paragliding and Hang-Gliding
Flying is possible all year round in the Zillertal - whether it's flying alone or as a tandem passenger with an experienced pilot. Nearly all cable cars are open in summer and winter. During the shoulder seasons most are closed for maintenance!

moutain lake near Mayrhofengoing on biking tours